Theme King's Day Maastricht 2020

Live Maastricht!

Monday 27 April 2020: King’s Day When the sun rises that day, we can look forward to a weekend of celebration and anticipation in Maastricht as we get excited about the year’s biggest, most fantastic event: a visit by the Dutch Royal Family. This standout King’s Day marks the end of a time when everyone – both in the city or in the region – shared their enthusiasm for this event that we’ve already told the rest of the country about in many ways. Together, we can make King’s Day and the run-up to it a celebration for everyone. We’ll do it in a way Limburg locals do best: with a good dose of joie de vivre. We’ll put Maastricht at the centre as a beacon of togetherness, hospitality, connectedness, beauty, and warmth. This proud capital will embrace you and invite you to enjoy time spent together, to be interested in each other, to find out what connects us, and how these connections strengthen us as a whole. This is a place where tradition and innovation converge in the city’s streets and in the way people live their lives. They connect in the traditional Limburg spirit of relishing all the good things in life, in its wealth of clubs and associations, its cultural life, student life, and everything else that gives Maastricht its unique character.

That’s why our theme for King’s Day 2020 is: Live Maastricht!
(It‘s not a coincidence that this also means ‘sweet Maastricht’ in the city’s dialect).

Live Maastricht! is all about being together and being connected, about the art of enjoying the small and big things in life, and about appreciating style and diversity. These are values that you experience more intensely in our region than anywhere else. This has everything to do with our unique location on the edge of the Netherlands and at the heart of Europe. Once the scene of international battles (read the eleventh verse of the Wilhelmus, the Dutch national anthem, if you don't believe us), it’s now known as a region of down-to-earth people who are all special. We’re used to thinking and doing things without being restricted by borders or divides. Many Europeans know Maastricht as the namesake of the Maastricht Treaty and where the document was signed by European leaders in 1992. It’s also the place the most international university in the Netherlands calls home.

That feeling of togetherness across cultural divides and national borders, as a hub of tradition and innovation, good taste, and that Maastricht spirit, is what we want to convey during King’s Day. Here’s to the Royal Family, the thousands of people along the route, all the partygoers in the city, and the millions of people in the Netherlands watching the parade on their TVs or streaming it – all celebrating with us. Long live the King, and Live Maastricht!