King's Day route

Along the route, the Royal Family will be presented with a surprising and varied programme. ‘Leef Maastricht!’ (Live Maastricht!) is the theme of the day, and thousands of spectators can watch everything from up close.

Such a wonderful celebration naturally requires a lot of preparations, including for the route. For example, stages have to be built and measures have to be put into place for reasons of safety and travel to and in Maastricht. To ensure that everything proceeds as planned, part of the city centre will be closed to motorized traffic from the evening of Sunday 26 April until the afternoon of Monday 27 April. During this time, motorized vehicles cannot enter or exit the city centre. Below is an overview of the areas that will be closed off.

Of course, these measures primarily affect people who live, work, or conduct business in the city centre. We will inform them to the best of our ability by letter or by other channels of these measures. This website contains all that information, supplemented with answers to frequently asked questions.

Will you walk along the Royal Family's walking route?

There is currently plenty to see along the route which the Royal Family will walk on Monday 27 April. In addition to a number of historic and contemporary hotspots, the route is full of local and royal facts that you may not yet know. Each week, we will reveal fun, new facts and unveil another part of the route. Will you walk along the Royal Family's walking route? 

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